Make Your Wedding "Sparkle"

My Definition of "Sparkle"

You and your guests are elated! Your celebration is all you dreamed it would be! It is an exceptional event filled with magical memories… it "sparkles!"

None of life's major celebrations are as important and personal as a wedding. The expectations are high, the plans are detailed and you want the best. As an experienced Indianapolis wedding DJ with an outstanding referral history, I understand that. I truly care about your wedding and enjoy being a critical part of those magical wedding memories by understanding all your unique plans and blending them with a great DJ performance.

You make the plans, Dr Dance shines them up and makes the celebration “sparkle!”

The DJ is Important

The expense of a DJ is a small amount compared to the total overall cost of a wedding, but the DJ can have a major positive or negative impact on the celebration. They create the primary image that is left in the minds of you and your guests. Their approach and music sets the tone for the whole event. Simply put, the DJ can make or break the event. It is important that your DJ has a proven track record of handling special touches.

My reputation for excellent service in Central Indiana is unmatched.

  • I commit my DJ efforts to make your wedding as special as possible and my extensive referrals prove that I deliver.
  • I spend the time & effort understanding the details of your wedding plans by meeting and communicating as much as necessary prior to the wedding
  • I ensure that everything is done to the highest standards and that everything flows smoothly by coordinating with your caterer, wedding planner, photographers and other support team.
  • I do whatever I can to get all your guests on the dance floor having fun playing both your desired music and their requests. And I am involved and energetic
  • Bottom line…I WANT to help make YOUR wedding "Sparkle" and my reputation says “I do”

Indianapolis Wedding DJ With Personalized Attention to Detail

You deal directly with me for everything.

About a month before the wedding I have a one on one DJ consultation at a convenient Indianapolis or surrounding area location with the Bride and Groom.

We will work through a detailed step by step plan of the wedding events and desired atmosphere. It is your wedding, so the music and DJ schedule should be what you want.

We will discuss the specific songs for all ceremonial events, bridal party introduction, cake cutting, first dance, other special dances, garter, bouquet, etc.- as well as general music for cocktails, dinner and dancing.

We will also discuss music and specific songs that you do not want played and if you don't want something played, it won't be played.

I have an extensive music collection from my many years of DJing. Also, I utilize MP3s and CD's, which make it possible to get almost any music you want.

As your wedding day approaches, last minute changes and loose ends are followed up on and confirmed.

Special attention is paid to those things that are very sentimental and special.

I encourage and love "pop and sizzle/goosebump" moments and events. These are those special touches that are unique to your wedding; unique recognitions, special observances, and other moments that are clever and touching and leave lasting memories with your family and guests.

Day of, I coordinate with critical supporting individuals such as coordinators, catering managers, photographers and videographers to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that events flow smoothly and as planned.

The goal of all of this is to:

  • Make sure that your special touches are implemented without a hitch
  • You don't have to spend your wedding day making decisions that should be done ahead of time
  • You have confidence that your wedding in is good hands

Bottom Line: If you have a desire to have personalized attention paid to your most special day, then you have come to the right place. Best of Weddings 2017 DJ Dr. Dance Best of Weddings Hall of Fame DJ Dr. Dance Indianapolis Best of Weddings 2016 DJ Dr. Dance Best of Weddings 2015 Best of Weddings 2013 DJ Award Best of Weddings 2012 DJ Award Dr Dance DJ Entertainment, Best Wedding DJs in Indianapolis, Lafayette, Muncie - 2015 Couples' Choice Award Winner Dr Dance DJ Entertainment, Best Wedding DJs in Indianapolis, Lafayette, Muncie- 2014 Couples' Choice Award Winner Dr Dance DJ Entertainment, Best Wedding DJs in Indianapolis, Lafayette, Muncie- 2014 Couples' Choice Award Winner